ABOUT MEHi there, I'm Jitske, an animator and illustrator from the Netherlands. I love to bring things to life in my work, whether that's with expressive and dynamic line work, colourful palette choices or bouncy movement in actual animation.ANIMATIONThe main focus of my animation work is traditional frame by frame animation. I'm experienced in a lot of different aspects of a project pipeline, including rough animation, clean up, colouring, and retakes. Originally I've always profiled myself as solely a character animator, but in the past year I've started an taking interest in FX animation as well.ILLUSTRATIONMy illustrative work has generally always depicted characters, whether it's personal digital paintings, character design sheets or prints for tabling at conventions. Next to that I've helped out on a couple of graphic novel projects, doing both page layouts and colouring work.

⋆ Clip Studio Paint
⋆ Toon Boom Harmony
⋆ Procreate
⋆ Photoshop

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30 mil subscriber event
6 Youtube shorts

[graphic novel]
Page layouts
From rough thumbnails to fully sketched out pages